Bob Packwood Jokes

Bob Packwood Jokes

What do Robert Packwood and Jack-in-the-Box have in common?
Neither knows how to handle their meat properly.

What will Bob Packwood do after he resigns?
Open a petting zoo.

Who is Bob Packwood named after?
Pinocchio's girlfriend.

Did you hear they're banning two more assault weapons?
Bob Packwood's hands.

Why did Bob Packwood resign?
He lost his lick her license.

What do Bob Packwood, Clarence Thomas and David Copperfield 
have in common?
All make people disappear when they pull out their wands.

  Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and Bob Packwood go to see the 
Wizard of Oz.
  "I'd like a brain," said Clinton.
  And the Wizard grants him a brain.
  "I'd really like to have a heart," says Gingrich.
  "Very well, have a heart," said the Wizard.
  "And you, Senator, what would you like?"
  " Dorothy around?"

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