International Swear Words

The Canonical List of International Swearing


The following is a list of swear words in a variety of languages. 

French (France)

les flics - pigs (Lit. the police)
manges la merde - eat shit
merde - shit
tu m'emmerdes ’tu-mung-MEHRDŚ - you're pissing me off
                                (Lit. you're shitting on me)
va te faire foutre ’vaht-fair-FOOTRŚ - fuck off/go fuck yourself/stuff it
va chier ’vah-she-YEHŚ - fuck off (Lit. go and shit)

French (Quebec Canada)
* most religious things are swear words in Quebec

baisez vous - fuck you
bais moi - fuck me
encule - fuck you (anal style)
la nichon - tit
la con - cunt
leche'-moi et saire me renier - lick me and make me cum
mange d'la marde - eat some shit
merde - shit
salope - bitch
tapette - faggot
tu m'emmerdes - fuck you (literally, "you are in my shit")
tu me fais chier - you make me shit
va chier calisse - go shit
va te faire foutre - fuck off/go fuck yourself/stuff it

* obviously I cannot write out the Russian characters for these

baltattsya kak govno v prorubi - to be flighty or indecisive (?)
      (Lit. to bob like shit in a hole in the ice)
blednoye chudo - flaming asshole (Lit. "pale wonder" - may not be valid)
dermo ’der-MOŚ - shit
govno ’guv-NOŚ - shit
poshol na khui ’puh-SHAWL NAH-khooyŚ - Fuck off (Lit. go onto a dick)
poshol v zhopu ’puh-SHAWL VZHO-pooŚ - Fuck off (Lit. go into an asshole)
tebya ne ebut, ti ne podmakhivai - mind your own fucking business
      (Lit. you're not being fucked, so don't wiggle your ass)
yob tvoyu mat - fuck your mother

Eto tebe tak nuzhno kak pizde budil'nik /AYtah tiBYEH tahk NOOZHNnuh
kahk peezDYEH buDEELnik - You need that like a cunt needs an alarm
clock (The Russian way of saying 'You need that like a fish needs a

Luchshe hui v ruke chem pizda na gorizonte /LUCHshe WHOEE vruKYEH chem
peezDAH na goriZONTyeh/ - Better a prick in the hand than a cunt on the
horizon. (The Russian way of saying 'A bird in hand is worth two in the
sooka                   =  bitch
yeah-you-bivneetca      = show showing off asshole
peesa                   = polite penis
per-ee-staan haameetca  = stop bitching
paashol v'chorte        = go to hell
kooshi govno ee oomree  = eat shit and die
ya eemay-you o-chen balshoy jol-ty hoy = I have a big yellow dick (I 
forgot how to say purple)
tva-ya mama sa-seet kor-rov-on-ni-ye hoy-ee = You mother sucks cow dicks.

Kak ’kukŚ = the basis of all insults; means shit.
Gaan kak in die mielies = piss off (Lit. go shit in the cornfields.)
Jy's kak ’yays kukŚ = you're shit.
Vok ’fokŚ = fuck (used in times of extreme frustration.)
Moer ’moor, rolling the "r"Ś = No literal translation.  Just simply a 
swear word. (one of the worst!)


besa mi culo - kiss my ass
caca - shit
chingar (v) - to fuck
!ch'ingate! ’ching-a-tayŚ - fuck you
!ay, chinga! - oh, fuck
!A que la chingada! - oh, shit!
chinge a su madre - go fuck your mother
chinga tu madre - go fuck your mother
chupe mi penga -suck my dick
cojer (v) - to fuck (Mexico)
c'ojete - go fuck yourself (Mexico)
co~no - cunt
decojo - fuck you
guev'on ’gway-voneŚ - big-balls
guey - mule, idiot
Hijo de tu chingada madre - son of a bitch
huevos ’we-onŚ - testicle (Argentina)/faggot (Bolivia)
joder (v) - to fuck until exhaustion
joto - homosexual (Mexico)
leche ’lay-chayŚ - usually, this means milk, however, in the proper
context (i.e. when used as a sentence) it loosely translates to
"I shat in the milk of your mother which you then suckled" DO NOT 
say this to a native speaker unless you like to fight, it's one of 
the absolute worst Spanish insults.
mama mi pinga - suck my dick
maricon - asshole/homosexual (Puerto Rico)
maric'on - asshole
merde - shit
mierda ’me air duhŚ - shit
pendeja, pendejo - no translation, an insult (Lit. pubic hair)
pinche - stingy (as in cheap)
playo - homosexual (Costa Rica)
puta, puto - bitch, male bitch (asshole, son-of-a-bitch, whore)
un loca - homosexual (Venezuela: not common)


butana - cunt
fungula - fuck
mierde - shit
que catza diche? - what the fuck are you saying?


foder ’fu.dar'Ś v.t. (regular -ar verb) - to fuck
     Present Indicative:
          eu fodo (I fuck)
          tu fodes (you fuck)
          ele/ela fode (he/she fucks)
          nos fodemos (we fuck)
          vos fodeis (you fuck)
          eles/elas fodem (they fuck)
      Present Indicative:
          fudais   (formal, c.f. "ye fuck")
          fuda (tu)       (intimate)
          fude (voce)      (casual)
          fudemos (nos)   (mutual)
          fudai (vos)     (formal)
          fudem (voces)   (multiple)

broche - cock sucking
chupa-me a - suck my cock
foda-se - fuck (like when you bang the hammer in your finger)
pica (With an Ccedilla, read as Pissa) - cock
piroca/caralho - cock
puta/cabra - bitch
vai para o caralho - piss off
vai-te foder - fuck you
veado ’ve.a.doŚ n.m. - poofter (Brazil)


das geht dich einen feuchten Scheissdreck an - none of your 
fucking business (Lit. that concerns you like wet shit)
du verdammter arschficker - you damn assfucker
fick dich - fuck you
fick mich - fuck me
himmel donner wetter - *no translation--very strong curse*
         (Lit. heaven thunder weather)
ich moechte mit dir schlafen - I would like to sleep with you
leck mich am arsh - lick my arse (ass if in america)
mach es dir selber - go fuck yourself (Lit. make it with yourself)
scheiBe ’shyzaŚ - shit
scheiBkopf ’shyzkofŚ - shithead
willst du mit mir schlafen - will you sleep with me?
Beweg deinen dicken Arsch zur Seite!  -- Move your fat ass to the side!

Chinese (Cantonese - Hong Kong)
* obviously I cannot write out the Chinese characters for these

gan - fuck
due kau neh - fuck you
due lei lo mo - fuck your mother
due lei lo mo...hun ga tzan - fuck your mother ... ??
sigh - shit
tiu nia ma chow hai - fuck your mom's smelly cunt
tsao - fuck
tsao ni ma - fuck your mother

Chinese (Manderin - China and Taiwan)
* obviously I cannot write out the Chinese characters for these

chin wo de pigu ’cheen woah duh pee-gooŚ - kiss my ass
gan ’goneŚ - fuck
gan lin lau voo - fuck your mother
gan lin nyah ’gone leen niaŚ - fuck your mother
gan ni lao moo - fuck your mother
gan ni niang - fuck your mother; mother fucker
gosch ’goshe w/long oŚ - shit
lea zi gan yen - ??
ni hao ma? - how are you?
ni shi bai chi - you are an idiot
ni shi hwin dan - you are an asshole
ni shi sai gooa - you are a fool
po gai - go fall in the streets
si lang kow - dead man doggie
ta ma de - fuck your mother
wa tsao - (I) fuck

* Rule of pronounciation: All words must be pronounced exactly the 
  same like
* Spanish pronounce their words. ie. i must be pronounce (e)qual 
  in English,
* not like (I) am in English

bangsat - bastard
bule - caucasian
cina - Chinese
gila - crazy
gua - I am
isep kontol - blow job
isep kontol gua - suck my dick
kontol - penis
lu - you
memek - vagina
monyet - monkey
ngentot - fuck
ngentot lu - fuck you
ngewe - fucking
pantat - ass
pantat besar - big ass
peler - penis
pentil - nipple
toket - women's breast
toket besar - big breast


anak haram - bastard
botoh - ass
cibai - pussy (?)
pantat - ass (Chinese origin)
puki - pussy
puki mak - fuck your mother (also "mother's cunt")
saya hendak pukimak - I want to fuck your mom

Japanese  (apparently the Japanese don't swear much)
* obviously I cannot write out the Japanese characters for these

chichi - penis
chikusho - shit/damn
kuso - damn/shit
Kotobate Shimae  ’Kotobahteh Shimah-ehŚ - fuck off


goo - dick
geeum - pussy
dum ’doomŚ mare may - fuck your mother
lo-de - asshole

Haitian Creole

dan bounda ou - up your ass
kolan guete maman ou - fuck you (Lit. your mother's {southern privates})
L'en mede - piss off (Lit. in the shit)
Ou senti caca - you smell like shit
coco, kreck, bobote, guete - pussy
zozo, coq, bwalong, - dick
ti beuf - blowjob (lit. little cow)

baing chood - sister fucker
chood - fuck/fucker
choodmarani - mother fucker
haramjada - bastard
dhon - dick
gud - pussy
khanki/maggi - whore
laewra aga - dickhead
tor bapre choodi - fuck your dad

schmuck= male genitals (lit. "jewel")
putz=           "               "
yotz=           euphemism for above
sheyne, reyne kappuris--a well-deserved end (lit., "a good, clean
farmisht=  "
farklemt=  "


bumboclot - you are full of shit
teras - your ass

* pronunciation rules:
*   stressed syllable is preceded by ^
*   "U" pronounced as in "but"
*   word     pronounced as literal translation meaning
* Being catholic, Bavarians prefer holy names/words for swearing

Am Orsch leckst mi ’Am ^orsh laxed meŚ - lick my ass/fuck me
Bazi ’^bah tseeŚ - bad dude (could be friendly, too)
Haderlump ’^hUderloompŚ - wicked, asocial person
Jessasmariandjosef ’^yes sirs ^mAryAnd ^yosefŚ - Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Saupreiss ’^sow priceŚ - prussian pig (not being a bavarian)
Zaehfixalleluja ’tse ^fix Ulle ^luyAŚ - crucifix-halleluya/Darn! Dammit!
sacklzementhallelujah -
Lujah -
Lujah, sog I -
Kruzaefix -
Kreizdeifi -


beo - derogatory means to leer at girls (crude in hokkien)


pogue mahone - kiss my ass

* 'ae' is a letter called "'a' with two dots" pronounced 'a' as in 'cat'
* 'oe' is a letter called "'o' with two dots" pronounced similar to the
*     very beginning of a word 'early'
* Otherwise the words are pronounciated as they are written.

vittu - fuck (Lit. cunt) *
perkele/saatana - satan, devil, demon *
helvetti - hell *
  (Above words are not a direct insult - the most widely used swear word
   in Finnish.  Example of a situation in which the word might be
   uttered is when one has been hurt.  Usually preceded by a word
   "voi" which is roughly translated as "oh" in English.  "Oh fuck!"
   and "Voi vittu!"  should  be  rather close to each other.)

vittupaeae - (Lit. cunthead)
kusipaeae - pisshead
paskiainen - bastard
idiootti - idiot, moron
noertti - nerd, geek
paska - shit
hintti/homo = gay
huora = whore
mulkku  = dick
paskahousu = shitpants
pillu   = vittu (cunt)
suksi vittuun - fuck off (Lit. ski into a cunt)
heitae, homo, volttia - go jump in a lake
Maentti. (a w dotts) = Jerk
Paessi. (a w dotts) (direct=goat) = Jerk/stupid
Jumaltauta. There is no translation for this in English
                but it's used kuje vittu, perkele.
                You can't insult others with this. Use it
                like perkele (devil) and helvetti (hell)
Perse. = Ass.
Persereikae. (a w dotts) = asshole. (reikae=hole)
You can call someone as:
'Puusilmae' (a w dotts) Direct translation would be
                        something like Wood Eye.:-)
                        I know it doesn't make any "sence"
                        but it has got meaning of insult.
Nuija = (direct would be club) = jerk

Those words above are the main 'building blocks' of insulting sentences.
You can do combinations or write multiple words after each other. For 
example, "Idiootti paskiainen" and "Vitun kusipaa" are
quite valid Finnish swear words. An example of a
'stacked' swear word is: "Voi helvetin saatanan vitun
paskiainen!", which is quite a heavy insult. The longer,
       the prettier. :-)

Note that in these two last examples there were words 'helvetin',
'saatanan' and 'vitun'. They are derived from the basic forms 
above by applying the Finnish genetive. Those three words could 
be translated as hell's, satan's and cunt's, but in English this 
seems rather meaningless.

Suksi vittuun - Ski into a cunt

Vedae vittu paeaehaen - Draw a cunt over your head

Ime munaa, runkkari - Suck cock, wanker

Jaevlar (lit: something to do with the devil)
Satan (lit: something to do with satan)
Helvete (lit: something to do with hell)
Fan (lit: something to do with the devil)

These can be combined (stacked?) into a sentence like "Dra aat helvete, 
ditt satans jaevla fittsvin" which of course is (lit): "Go to hell, you 
satan devil cunt pig". Not beautiful, but it's a way of communicating 

Normal amiericanisation is applied, so "mammaknullare" is of course
"motherfucker". When i last listened to some 12 year olds, the swearword
used was "Fuck". Must be due the fact that we subtitle american movies...

sug min kuk - suck my dick
dra aat helvete - fuck you (Lit. go to hell)
jaevla roevhaal - fucking asshole (lit. devil asshole)
knulla - fuck (Knulla do mostly represent the sexual activity, not 
often used as a swear word unless its a sexual activity that is 
sweared about. A kid using his Nintendo often screams "knulla" 
as a sign of disappointment when he loses a game. Don't ask me why.
kuk - dick
fitta - cunt

- - - - -

a = a in hat, cat
e = e in very, let

An a with a ring on top (written as aa in "aat" and "haal" is 
pronounced  eau
An a with two dots on top (written as ae in "jaevlar") is 
 pronounced = air
An o with two dots on top (written as oe in "roev) is
 pronounced = learn
All characters are always pronounced, i e "helvete" is 
 "hell" + vet" + "eh"

* Phonetics:
* letter 'a' is normally pronounced like the english phoneme 'ah'
* letter 'e' is 'eh'
* ':' is used to show long vowels like 'ah:'
* "'" is placed after the syllable which should have the emphasis

Obviously, swear words are used by different kinds of people, and in
different situations.  'Up north' the people are much better at creating
really creative new compound swearwords, while people living in Oslo's
West End would consider anything worse than a meek 'fillern' as 
incredibly vulgar :-)

drittsek - shitbag

( Directed at life in general, after banging your finger with a hammer )
fillern ’feel'ehrnŚ - oops (rather mild swear-word)
faen ’fah:ehnŚ - the devil
  (Alternative spelling/pronunciation: Fan ’Fah:nŚ, Fankern ’FahnkehrnŚ
  Somewhat stronger. Used like the derivates of 'fuck' in the US,
  suitably as an adverb or adjective in many situations :-)

Helvete ’Heh:l'veh theŚ - Hell (Strong, but not uncommon. Used as 'Faen')

( Comments about people )
Drittsekk ’Dreettt saeckŚ - Shitbag (Fairly mild)
Rasstapp ’rahss tahppŚ - Ass tap (or ass 'faucet', I guess)
Rasshol ’rahss hoe:lŚ (The 'o' should have a slash across it) - Asshole

( Stronger personal comments, use at own risk )
( Norwegian vikings still knows how to beat your brains out :-)
Fitte ’Feett'ehŚ Cunt
Pikk ’Peeck'Ś - Dick
Kukk ’coock'Ś - Cock
(The vowel can be incredibly long when pronunced by a northerner)

In southern Norway, the following "soft" sayings are considered 
 very strong:
kjaere folk - dear people
kjaere deg - dear you


wakara pundek - I want to fuck your sister

* Encoding estonian special letters:
*   u" -- german u-umlaut
*   o" -- german o-umlaut
*   a" -- a-umlaut (as in english word "and")
*   o~ -- o-tilde  (vocal between o and o-umlaut)

ka"i kuradile! - go ahead (Lit. go to devil)
kuradi munn -  "     "       " (Lit. devil's penis)
kuradi puts - very strong swearing (no transl.) (Lit. devil's cunt)
kurat vo~tku ’..ttkuhŚ - fuck you (Lit. let devil takes it)
kurat, saatan ’Ś - devil
kusema/pissima (v) - to piss
mine persse! - go ahead (Lit. go into ass)
mine vittu - fuck off (Lit. go into cunt)
munn ’..n'nŚ/tu"ra - penis
nussima ’..s's..Ś/nikkuma (v) - to fuck
piss/kusi - piss
raisk (adj) - rotted
sitt - shit
sittuma (v) - to shit
vitt/puts ’put'sŚ - cunt

nikomak ’Neek-oh-mackŚ - fuck your mother

chutia - pussy (in a "you are stupid" context)
gaandu ’gone doo w/curl on first sylŚ - asshole
mah-der chod - mother fucker
tatti ’tataiŚ - shit
CHOD                       : fuck
Maadarchod ( extended aa ) : Mother fucker 
Bhenchod                   : sister fucker 
Bhosadike                  : cunt sitter
BhosadChodike ( new invention ) : One who fucks a cunt
Haramzade                  : kid  born outof wedlock
Cheenal                    : bloody whore
Kameene ( emphasis on eee ): very selfish
Kutte                      : dog
Kutte ki aulad             : son of a dog
Suar ki aulad              : son of a pig
mera goo kha               : eat my shit
teri gaand mein haathi ka lund : Put an elephants prick in your ass!!
teri maa ko mera baap choda : My father fucked your mom!!

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