Hot Tub Jokes

Hot Tub Jokes

Dear Abner:
 I've yet to learn proper hot tub etiquette, can you be of assistance 
in this potentially embarrassing if not dangerous predicament??
Signed; Horrified in Hot Water

Dear Horrified in Hot Water:
  Yes I can see where this could be a potentially embarrassing problem.
So here it is the ten rules you must follow while lounging in a hot tub.
From the Hot Tub Assoc. of Northern Canada.

1. Do not exceed maximum recommended manufacturers capacity of persons
   in the hot tub.

2. No glass cups in or around the hot tub.

3. Do not stare.

4. If everybody goes naked do make others feel comfortable, disrobe 
   and bath naked as well.

5. No soap allowed, as you can never be sure what might happen if 
   you drop it.

6. No having sex in the hot tub while others are present, unless there 
   is prior consent.

7. Females should not attempt to give blow jobs under water as they
   may drown.

8. Do not dive head first.

9. No unauthorized touching of yourself or others.

10. Do not at any time urinate in the hot tub.

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