George Bush Jokes

George Bush Jokes

Why is George Bush so hard-headed?
His skull protects the weakest part of his body.

How can you tell that George Bush is the "Nutrition President"?
He got his wife's picture on the Quaker Oats box. 

Why is Dolly Parton jealous of Washington D.C.?
It has two of the biggest boobs in the world -
 Bush & Quayle 

What is a Bush supporter?
What the president wears under his swimming trunks.

What was Boris Yeltsin's first question to George Bush? 
"Why did you marry your mother?"

What does Sinead O'Connor do after she combs her hair?
Hey, wait a minute.  Is this another Bush joke?

What was the last thing Bush did before leaving office?
He appointed a black man as ambassador to the Bermuda Triangle.

Why will they bury George Bush face down?
So he can see where he is going.

What do George Bush and Mt. Fuji have in common?
Both spewed over Japan.

What happens when you cross James Dean with George Bush?
You get a rebel without a clue.

Suggested graffiti for rest room walls:  If you voted for 
George Bush, you can't shit here...your asshole is in Washington 

If the Democrats had nominated Ted Kennedy for President, what 
would the Bush campaign strategy have been?
To pardon Sirhan Sirhan.

Since George Bush served only one term, how the hell did he get his 
wife's picture on the one dollar bill?

Hear about the George Bush special at KFC?
A bucket full of right wings.

What does Barbara Bush do with all of her old clothes?
She wears them.

George Bush Jr.

Georgy Porgy pudding and pie,
 Took cocaine which made him high,
When the sheriff came his way,
  Georgy's pa sent him away.

Georgy Porgy wasn't daft,
  Wanted to avoid the draft,
He found being a coward not too hard,
  Daddy's friends got him into the guard.

Georgy Porgy businessman
  With daddy's money his career began,
When the seed money all dried up,
  Georgy's business went belly up.

Georgy Porgy governor guy
  Brought the crime rate up so high,
And that was not his only solution,
  Texas is number one on pollution.

Georgy Porgy for President,
  Does not know where the money all went.
But if he has to fight Al Gore,
  His daddy's friends will get him more.

Georgy Porgy's a true Texan,
  Though he may fail again and again,
As long as his father has wealthy friends,
  He'll do to us, what he did to them.


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