Karaoke Jokes

Karoke Jokes

Translations of Japanese Types of Karoke.
  by Dr. Pundit Gainsay

Karoke -     Japanese for 'Sing Along'

Scaryoke -   One who sings badly

Prayeroke -  Sings only Gospel songs

Terrioke -   Looks sweet but sounds sour

Wearyoke -   Song that goes on too long

Fairyoke -   They who sings WHAM songs

Veryoke -    No Need of a microphone to annoy people

Barryoke -   Sings only Manilow songs

Dairyoke -   Milks a song for all its worth

Marryoke -   Sings only wedding songs

Steroidoke - Sings so loud the man operating the 
             jack-hammer outside complains.

Hairyoke -   Sings only ZZ Top songs

Airoke  -    Sings only Air Supply songs

Naryoke -    Sings too low to be heard

Pairoke -    Any duet

Rareoke -    Can actually sing well

Stairoke -   Takes a song to a new level 

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