Is Like A...

Is Like A...

Yo mama's like a birthday cake, everybody gets a piece.

Yo mama's like Burger King... Your way, right away.

Yo mama's like a squirrel, she's always got some nuts in her mouth.

Yo mama's like the Bermuda Triangle, they both swallow a lot of seamen.

Yo mama's like a nickel, she ain't worth a dime.

Yo mama's like a fine restaurant, she only takes deliveries in the rear.

Yo mama's like a chicken coop, cocks fly in and out all day.

Yo mama's like a streetlamp, you can find her turned on at night on 
any street corner.

Yo mama's like a telephone booth, open to the public, costs a quarter, 
and guys go in and out all day.

Yo mama's like a library, open to the public.

Yo mama's like an ATM, open 24 hours.

Yo mama's like a basketball hoop, everybody gets a shot.

Yo mama's like a microwave, one button and she's hot.

Yo mama's like speakers, loud, ugly, lives in a box, and you can turn 
her up, down, on, and off.

Yo mama's like a mail box, open day and night.

Yo mama's like a bag of potato chips, "Free-To-Lay."

Yo mama's like a turtle, once she's on her back she's fucked.

Yo mama's like a championship ring, everybody puts a finger in her.

Yo Momma's like a race car driver. She burns a lot of rubbers.

Yo Momma's like an ice cream cone...Everyone gets a lick.

Yo Momma's like a bowling ball:
   You can fit three fingers in 
   She always ends up in the gutter
   She always comes back for more.
   She's picked up, fingered, and then thrown in the gutter.

Yo Momma's like Denny's...Open 24 hours.

Yo Momma's like a rifle...
   four cocks and she's loaded.
   one cock and she blows!

Yo Momma's like a goalie, she changes her pads every three periods.

Yo Momma's like Crazy Eddie's, she's practically giving it away.

Yo Momma's like a postage stamp, you lick her, stick her and send 
her on her way.
Yo Momma's like a screen door, after a couple bangs she tends 
to loosen up! 

Yo Momma's like the pillbury doughboy - everyone gets a poke!

Yo Momma's like a doorknob - everyone gets a turn!

Yo Momma's like a T.V. set, even a three year old can turn her on!

Yo Momma's like a bus, 
   fifty cents and she's ready to ride!
   Guys climb on and off her all day long.

Yo Momma's like a golf course, everyone GETS a hole in one!

Yo Momma's like the railway system, she gets laid all over the country!

Yo Momma's like a tomato sauce bottle, everyone gets a squeeze 
out of her!

Yo Momma's like a hardware store: 4 cents a screw!

Yo Momma's like Domino's pizza-- Something for nothing

Yo Momma's like a refridgerator: everyone likes to put their 
meat in her!

Yo Momma's like cake mix, 15 servings per package!

Yo Momma's like a Toyota: "Oh what a feelin'!"

Yo Momma's like Orange Crush: "Good Vibrations!"

Yo Momma's like a bubble-gum machine... five cents a blow.

Yo Momma's like chinese food:  sweet, sour and cheap!

Yo mama's like a Chinese restaurant, $4.95 all you can eat.

Yo Momma's like a vaccuum cleaner.....a real good suck.

Yo Mama's like a mobile phone; free after 7:30.

Yo Mama's like a radio; she gets turned on by bent knobs.

Yo momma's like McDonald's... Billions and billions served!

Your momma's like a 7-11 -- open all night, hot to go and for 
59 cents, she'll give you a slurpee.

Your Momma's like a moped, it's fun to ride until your friends 
see you on it.

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