Versace Jokes

Versace Jokes


I heard that Versace was interviewing Cunanan as new 
model and he asked for two head shots.

When the news came out a friend said to buy some 
Versace underwear for investments.  Prices have 
gone up 10-15% and many shops were out of stock 
although reliable sources do indicate that some 
panties have come down since.

Hear about versace's new fall fashion line?
White with red polka dots.

Q: What does Versace and a 357 Magnum have in common?
A: Both went off in Cunnans mouth.

CNN offered up an unfortunate word choice or two regarding 
Cunanan's death:
"Residents of San Diego's gay community won't be looking over 
their shoulders during this weekend's Gay Pride celebration."

"His suicide without a note unfortunately leaves a lot of stuff 
open ended."

AP-Miami)  The Miami police department has positively 
identified the body of suspected gay serial killer 
Andrew Cunanan. It took relatively little time for the 
Homocide detective's and the FBI to make the crime scene 
connections. The four following similarities pointed 
directly to the facts that linked Mr. Cunanan and his 
life-style, to the body found in the boathouse.
1. He was found in the "REAR" of the house.
2. His "LIPS" were firmly wrapped around the gun barrel.
3. He "BLEW" his own brains away.  
4. They matched the "bung" prints he left behind.
In San Diego California and many other people around the 
country can now rest at ease knowing the do not have to 
keeping looking behind them, for a possible come back. 

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