The Unabomber Jokes

Theodore Kaczyinski Joke Page


What do The Unibomber and Monica Luwinsky have in common?
They're both fucked in the head.

Ted Kaczyinski was moved to a federal prison to spend his 
life in a small, barren cell, or as he calls it, "moving to 
a new apartment with a meal plan & exercise room."  

What is the UNAbomber's favourite TV show?

What advice did O.J. Simpson give to the alleged UNAbomber 
 Theodore Kaczynski?
Just remember, you were practicing your golf swing.

What's the difference between Theodore Kaczynski and 
 movies Madonna stars in?
Both bombed repeatedly, but she hasn't killed anyone yet.

What's the difference between a disgruntled postal worker 
 and the Unabomber?
A Harvard education.

How many Unabombers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Only one. But it takes him 18 years to produce enough dung to 
make the electric current flow through a fermentation battery.

What's the difference between a Frenchman and the Unabomber?
A Frenchman might have bathed at least once since 1978.


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