Marv Albert Jokes

Marv Albert Jokes

  Marv also has a new job. GE owns NBC. Marv will be the new 
spokesperson for GE's three-way bulb.

  I saw a transcript that revealed the truth about the Marv Albert
incident... it seems that Marv asked his girlfriend, "Do you want 
to go out for dinner tonight, or will it be 'the usual'?"
  His girlfriend replied, "I haven't had a bite all day."
The rest is history.

Marv now has a new job in Hollywood.  
Fredericks of Hollywood.

What's the difference between Marv Albert and Sharon Stone?
Sharon Stone doesn't wear panties.

If Marv, the bimbo, and Dennis Rodman had a menage-a-trois, would it 
really be 2 men and a woman?

Come on, I believe NBC was right in firing him! I mean, the only one
who's allowed to wear women's clothing in sports is Dennis Rodman! 
How DARE a mere sportscaster elevate himself to NBA star status...


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