Hugh Grant Jokes

Hugh Grant Jokes

Q.>  Why did Hugh Grant fire his lawyer???
A1.> Because hiring someone to get him off was what
     got him in trouble in the first place!
A2.> Since being busted he has decided to take matters
     into his own hands.

Q.> Why did Hugh Grant get a light sentence?
A.> The evidence wouldn't stand up in court.

Since being busted along with Hugh Grant, Divine Brown 
has got a contract modeling lingerie in Brazil that 
will pay her good money.  Not to mention money for 
doing adds for the local radio station they were 
listening to at the time.  She has also reaped the 
rewards of a recording contract to put out her own  
album.  Has it ever been more true that its not what 
you know but who you blow????

On her new album, what songs do you expect to find?  
How about...
1)  Love for Sale
2)  The Partys Over
3)  Down With Love
4)  When You Wish Upon a Star
5)  That Old Black Magic
6)  Come Back to Me
7)  Hurray for Hollywood
8)  Naughty Lady of Shady Lane
9)  Blow Gabriel Blow
10) Help!
11) Come Blow Your Horn
12) Stardust
13) Come Play With Me
14) Somethings Coming, Something Big
15) Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
16) Blowing in the Wind
17) She works Hard for the Money

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