Amy Fischer Jokes

Amy Fischer Jokes

What's the difference between Kurt Cobain and Mary Jo Buttafuoco?
The bullet's still in Mary Jo's head.

What does Joey Buttafuoco have in common with politicians?
A 17 year old's vote doesn't count.

What does Amy Fisher's boyfriend call himself in prison?
Joey Buttafuco.

(Visual Joke)
Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Amy Fisher.
As they start to say "Amy Fisher, Who?"...Point your finger 
at them and yell, "BANG".

What do Mary Jo Buttafuoco and Liberace have in common?
They both have a blowhole.

Why did Mary Jo Buttafuco take her husband back?
She has an open mind.

What's Buttafuoco's favorite drink?
A Bloody Mary with a shot on the side.

What goes, "Ding, dong, bang"?
Amy Fisher at your door.

What did Mary Jo do when she found out her husband was fooling around?
She lost face.

What did Amy Fisher do when she found out her boyfriend had a wife?
She blew her top.

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