Camping Jokes

Camping Jokes

  A biker dude decides to take his girlfriend out to a trendy 
restaurant.  While they're enjoying their meal, they overhear 
a couple at the next table.
  "Pass the honey, honey." 
  Further down, another man is saying to his date, "Pass the 
sugar, sugar."
  Determined not to be outdone, the biker dude leans over and
says in a husky voice, "Pass the bacon, pig!"

Did you hear the song about the hemophiliac Biker?
It's called "The Bleeder of the Pack."

What is the difference between a Harley Davison and a vacuum cleaner?
The position of the dirt bag.

What is the difference between a Hoover and a Harley?
The Hoover has it's dirt bag on the inside.

What do you call a dude on a motorcycle doing something stupid?
A Donor-cycle!

What do you call a dentist that wear a black leather jacket and
rides a motorcycle?
The Leader of the Plaque

Biker foreplay: "Spread 'em, bitch."

You might be a Biker if...

going 4-wheeling means your old lady has her own bike.
your gloves don't have any fingers.
you prefer to pee outside.
your beer preference is BEER.
you treat your leather better than your woman.
you wash your bike more than you wash yourself.
rock-and-roll is the only kind of music.
you think Jack Daniels is your best friend.
you ride instead of walk down the aisle.
you pass out with a beer in your hand without spilling a drop, 
and finish drinking it when you wake up in the morning.

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